“Massive Determined Action”

The path to success is to take massive, determined action.

-Tony Robbins

Tony said this, and tons of other “gurus” have as well. Many of us, me included, thought this meant doing something BIG. And of course something external.

Personally, I think many “gurus” use quotes like this to get you to buy insanely overpriced programs. “Only 12 payments of $299 gets you started TODAY! Take that massive, determined action and create the dream live you’ve always wanted!”  Bullshit.

A saying like this urges you to form a huge goal. Create a business with insanely big visions and dreams. Launch a podcast NOW and have a goal of 100 million downloads!  Build that app you always wanted to!  Or, lose 100 pounds. Get that $500,000 home in the country club you always wanted. Wait, aren’t these all external goals?  Perhaps they serve to validate us and convince us that we’re awesome, that we’re finally worthy of happiness. Something to think about. But that’s not the whole point..

“Massive determined action” is very vague. Sorry Tony, this one was probably taken out from a much larger speech in which you reconciled this.

Don’t just do something for the hell of it. It doesn’t have to be about money, or externally-focused. What about massive determined action for yourself?  Deciding to build a solid foundation in your life? That’s massive determined action. Making the next right decision, dealing with your pain finally. Feeling your emotions and accepting them. It’s extremely hard if you haven’t done it in the past. That’s massive determined action. That will breed the only success that matters – success in self. Love for self. Acceptance of self.

Massive, determined action is saying “From this moment on, I will choose to love myself. I will make the next right choice, no matter how I feel. I will practice calm acceptance, analyze myself and learn to harness and control my emotions. I will not let pain, fear and shame control my life. I will surrender to them, learn the lessons they teach, and move the fuck on. Time to start living.”


It’s okay to have external goals people. We have to live for something, and I love nice stuff too. But if you’re planning a “massive, determined action” ask yourself “Why?” first.  “Why do I want this so bad?” Make sure you analyze your goals constantly and that they’re not coming from a negative place

Don’t let quotes like this one lead you to do something stupid. Don’t try to fly when you can barely stand on two feet. I’ll beat this into your head – YOU MUST BUILD SOLID GROUND FIRST. Strengthen your foundation. Create a rich, fertile landscape to support you and raise you up to higher levels in life. Your FOUNDATION rises you steadily, with strength. Otherwise you’ll just be full of.. well, hot air. Like a balloon. And you’ll pop.

I’m pretty sure Tony would agree with me. Maybe I’ll visit him in Fiji someday and ask. I wish.

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