Live Like It’s Your Last Hour, Not Your Last Day

It’s Wednesday 10:00am and I gotta get into the office. Just got a piano delivered, so that’s exciting. Anyhow I wanted to wax on this common advice to “live like it’s your last day.”

“Live Like You’ll Die Tomorrow.”

“Dream as if You’ll Live Forever.”

Bla, bla. Do you know the point of this? I don’t. I assume it means that we tell our friends and loved ones that we value them. We should be courageous, because there won’t be anyone to criticize us tomorrow. We should say the things we’ve always wanted to say but never could.

Sounds great. But we all know our brain has many selfish desires. If it was your last 24 hours to live, I’m betting you would overwhelmed with desires unfulfilled. You never got to ________ with __________. You never had a chance to ____________ on top of a ___________. You catch my drift. You’d probably want to do illegal shit, too.  Maybe tons of it. That’s okay, we’re human. Thoughts are fun 😉

24 hours is too long. It’s like waking up in the morning and planning 100 things to do. You’ll end up doing a couple of them, if you’re lucky. This exercise paralyzes us. Makes us think of so many things we haven’t done in our lives. We just write it off, laugh it off and move on.

I think that 24 hours is enough time to make us believe we can actually PHYSICALLY accomplish many things.. Go somewhere, do some epic things, make gang signs, crush a brewski, we only got one last day! Again, it’s overwhelming. We’d most likely end up pacing in circles, panicking.

Humans weren’t meant to have so much choice. We grew up in caves people. Sorry to bring up this exhausted point but it’s true. For 99% of our history as a species we lived simply, together. Before, if we had 24 hours to live we would have taken a nice walk. It may have taken a whole day to reach Uncle Gwar in the cave across the valley and make it back in time for dinner. During that walk our caveman brother or sister would have had time to think about his/her life. To consider the grand design. To laugh at the futility of it all. The insignificance.

But today, we have too many choices. Too much technology. Too much noise. I don’t have to flesh out this point, do I? If we want to get to that healthy, philosophical feeling now we have to change 24 hours to ONE HOUR.

‘One Hour to Live’ is Special

One hour makes us think deep. There’s no time to run everywhere, to do “awesome shit.” There’s only time for the ESSENTIAL. Who would we call, and what would we say? What would we say to ourselves? What would this dialogue look like?

Would you be still.. be calm?  Death will meet us all. We are mortal. This one hour time frame forces us to accept our mortality. It’s a little scary.

Am I giving my gifts to the world everyday?  Do I tell people that matter that I love them and care for them with all my soul? Am I expressing my love and gratitude where it matters most? 

Now you.. Are you doing your best to be gentle, caring and kind to others around you? You have one last hour, there’s no time for hate. Imagine the WHOLE WORLD had one hour left to live.. There would be no time for anger or petty bullshit. I personally believe nobody would fight. We may as well all hug it out and give each other big, wet kisses (cheek kisses only you creeper).

One Last Conversation

One hour is enough for one last conversation with the people closest to you. What would you say? And would they choose to have a ‘one-hour left’ conversation with you? Do they know that they’re on your ‘one-hour left’ list?

Now imagine it’s only you that’s going to die. And you’re not allowed to tell them, or you’d rather not. You don’t want to make them cry, but to enjoy them as they are. Have a loving, uplifting last conversation not plagued by death talk. You’re only able to express your love and appreciation. What would you say then?

We’re gonna die someday. It may be soon. It may be in 100 years. This may very well be our final hour to live. I know this may feel like a tired exercise. Nonetheless I force myself to think this daily. Express your love today. Make your best effort to give the gifts inside of you. Live with gratitude. Bring a sense of humor to this crazy, mysterious experience called life.

Give a smile today. Send forth a beam of love from your heart. Look deep into someone’s eyes. Listen intently. Respond meaningfully. Call your best friend, or your mom and dad. Call them just for the hell of it. Accept love. Be love.

And have a great day 🙂



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