If you only do one thing, love yourself

Learn To Love Yourself. You Are The One.

Thanks to Kute Blackson and Kamal Ravikant for the inspiration on the headline above. Surprise, surprise… Everything doesn’t have to change, only you. You must learn to love yourself, and accept who are in this moment.

I know that’s annoying, tired advice. But you’re not thinking about it hard enough. You don’t need 79 self-help books, not this secret or that secret. Throw all that shit out. You’ve gotta realize that books, programs, and gurus are created to SELL. Brands are built for profit. Tony Robbins charges thousands of dollars to watch him from a mile away and walk on hot coals. Stop placing your heart into grand promises, huge guarantees, pretty words, flashy covers. It’s all sucking you into a cycle of searching outside yourself for solutions. You must look inside your SELF.  You must become aware of who you are and how you feel..

Ready for something cool? YOU are the one. You ARE the one. You are THE one. You are the ONE. And I’m completely serious. (Thanks again, Kute!) We are all so powerful. And to me, the meaning of life has become simple – we are all looking to each other for it real-time. Show your fellow man what the meaning of life is: love, growth and acceptance. Love and accept yourself, both in good times and bad. Grow by making the next best decision for your life, the one that best aligns with universal harmony.

Your head has been filled to the brim with bullshit and fluff. The bullshit is that you need to make a lot of money or rack up accomplishments. That you’ll “be happy” someday. The fluff is all the self-help or advice that just supports this cycle of pain and suffering – chasing after possessions and the temporary joys found in the physical world. You don’t need a leader or a teacher.

What you need is a solid, fertile foundation. You can become your own guru. You need to put your FEET ON THE GROUND and learn to be yourself. You are human being, built to survive. To deal with any situation in the natural world. You need to just be quiet and still your mind and soul, so that your heart/body/mind can work in sync and your universal connection can activate. Then you will know what to do. It all works from there. Don’t try to escape your emotions or your life – but instead face it and accept it. The only way out is through. And as I always say, tomorrow belongs to those who live today.

It’s just an instant mental shift. A TRUTH that you were born with, that we all are born with. When you find it it feels so REAL, makes so much sense. You’ll forever be different.

When that one shift is made you step into a new dimension instantly, you see everything differently both inside and outside yourself.


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