Pain can be Power

There is so much pain in the world, you will never have a shortage. If you focus on the power and magic of pain, you will be fearless.¬†You don’t have to grasp at straws as if you were seeking happiness all the time, everywhere. Or seeking validation, recognition, accomplishments.

You have the biggest, most epic challenge right in front of you – yourself. This is no joking matter. You know what’s badass? Developing strength and stability so that you may best serve your family and loved ones, friends, and fellow human beings.

By developing stillness, discipline and mental toughness, you will be better equipped to help a suffering world. To help others who are in pain. Your life will begin to move slower. Tasks develop a certain ease. Then to take it to the next level you should also develop cardiovascular endurance, become healthy and support the mind-body connection. Once your mind and body are in sync you will develop an unstoppable momentum.

I know I’m coming off with intensity – but this is more about surrender rather than control or battle. ¬†Fighting and controlling will tire you out quickly. Surrender is about finally just LETTING LIFE HAPPEN. Letting your emotions run their course, watching them fade away while you learn from them. Allowing any sadness or loneliness to simply be. Dealing with the shit you’ve always run from or avoided. Surrendering to the state of your life. It’s not weakness – it takes great strength to do this. But once you do you will no longer be scared. And a life with less fear is a happier, calmer life.

Going through the shit is the price you have to pay. The only way out is through. But once you’re through. The view is fucking amazing.


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  1. Hi Paul, I just stumbled on your article about loving a man with low self esteem. I wanted to connect to tell you it made me cry, because after 15 years, on and off, struggling to be with a man with these problems, I just broke up with him for the last time. I wish I could send him your article, but sadly I found it a day too late. Anyway, thanks. I’ll read your lemons because much of the insight applies to me as well. Followed on Twitter too. I know that man loves me, but his punishing father did so much damage, and I just couldn’t take the hurt any more.

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